No more captive turtles!
The owner of the illegal tourist attraction in Fontona voluntarily allowed us to release the turtles that have been held there for several months.  It is illegal to keep turtles in Cabo Verde and unfortunately the conditions are usually detrimental to the animals.  These turtles were kept in fresh water rather than salt and fed food that they would not normally eat.  We recognise that is hard for the owner to make a living so in return for committing to not keeping turtles, he has now joined us a Ranger.  Manuel will be responsible for monitoring two beaches near his home and will receive training in tagging and data collection. At the end of the season we will assist with improvements to his small-holding.  The two turtles, a hawksbill and a green turtle were released in front of television cameras and a large audience who warmly applauded Manuel for his decision to allow the turtles to return to their natural habitat.
Wednesday, 25 June 2008